A Threat to the Nature Reserve

See here for The Friends Rookwood Response

PLEASE NOTE TIME HAS ALMOST RUN OUT – You only have until 17:00 on 30th March to submit your own comments.


HDC have put forward a proposal to include Rookwood Golf Course as a site for housing development within the Draft Local Plan.

The Friends believe that such development would be a serious threat to the Reserve, which is immediately adjacent to Rookwood.

  • Rookwood Golf Course provides the main green corridor between the Reserve and the wider countryside, and without it the movement of wildlife is likely to be severely curtailed, leading to a reduction in biodiversity.
  • Increased light and noise pollution would disturb bats, birds, deer and many other Reserve residents.
  • Close proximity of domestic pets may well lead to increased predation of birds and small mammals
  • More building over green sites increases the risk of flooding and environmental pollution.

We strongly believe that Rookwood should be preserved as  a recreational green space for the benefit of the growing population of Horsham residents, and for the protection of our outstanding Nature Reserve.

How you can Help

Please make your feelings known to HDC through the consultation process.

You can comment on any aspect of the Local Plan during the consultation period which lasts until 30th March, but you will need to register first (a simple process).

To comment:

  • go to
  • scroll down and click on the green “View and comment on the Draft Local Plan online” button
  • scroll to the end and click the “Respond by making comments on the consultation document”
  • click on “Chapter 6 Housing (Key Questions)” in the left-hand column
  • find the entry for Rookwood (it’s the eighth of the Potential Housing Allocations listed)
  • click on the “Add a Comment” button at the end
  • at this point you will be asked to login (if already registered) or to register
  • make your comments and submit them

In addition to this official process, you may also wish to sign an online petition opposing the Rookwood development here.